About the Show

There's no such thing as true evil in this world. Evil is only defined by which side of the line one stands. Follow the tales of The Mistress, one of the most feared criminal masterminds the world has ever known, and ask yourself: Which side are you on? The Mistress Files is a fiction drama series releasing bi-monthly once a year. Brought to you by Dramatically Dapper, featuring the writing talents of Alexander Liddel.


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Cast and Crew


Creator: Alexander Liddel (they/them)
Producer: Kathryn Stanley (she/her)
Writer: Alexander Liddel (they/them)
Director: Kathryn Stanley (she/her)
Script Editors: Kathryn Stanley (she/her), Jacob Birks (he/they), Kayla Valderas (she/her), Aaron Moos (he/him)
Audio Editor: Kathryn Stanley (she/her)
Sound Designer: Kathryn Stanley (she/her)


The Mistress: Kayla Valderas (she/her)
Pestilence: Kathryn Stanley (she/her)
Mr. Six: Jacob Birks (he/they)

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